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Frozen Conflict -Brannigan's Blackhearts Book 4

Peter Nealen

Frozen Conflict -Brannigan's Blackhearts Book 4

$ 12.95

Manhunt In A Post-Soviet Hellhole

Transnistria. A breakaway republic on the eastern border of Moldova, and a bolt-hole for notorious black-market arms dealer Eugen Codreanu. Except that it’s suddenly turned from safe haven to prison for the man who was once rumored to be dealing in ex-Soviet backpack nukes.

A shadow facilitator reaches out to John Brannigan, former Marine Colonel turned mercenary. The job: get Codreanu out of Transnistria, out from under the noses of the thousands of Russian peacekeepers swarming around the breakaway republic. The hook: Codreanu might have information about the terrorist operation in the Gulf of Mexico a few months before. The catch: there might be someone else trying to beat them to the punch. The terrorists who seized the Tourmaline-Delta platform in the Gulf of Mexico might be trying to tie up loose ends. And firefights in Transnistria could have wide-ranging consequences.

It’s a race against time in Eastern Europe. And Brannigan’s Blackhearts might be going up against the Russian Bear to accomplish this mission.


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