Always Legion - Order of the Centurion Book 7

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Dav Toron, a former Legionnnaire turned military contractor, is running protection for a House of Reason Special Aide, which turns into a kinetic nightmare as a corrupt local government, intergalactic rebels, and violent pirates converge to plunge a backwater edge planet into utter violence and chaos.

When his team is cut off from all support, Dav falls back on his Legion training to keep those around him alive, forging an alliance with a stranded Legion squad and planetary natives looking to stand up to those seeking to topple their government.  Can Dav and his ragged team of outnumbered and outgunned warriors survive?

Order of the Centurion is a series of stand alone novels in the Galaxy's Edge Universe.  Each of the seven novels highlights a different individual who has been awarded the Legion's highest honor: The Order of the Centurion.