Blood Debt -Brannigan's Blackhearts Book 10

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Mercenaries strike a hidden base…

…But it’s a trap.

Now they have only one hope – Brannigan’s Blackhearts

When Mitchell Price’s black bag team hit a mysterious former Soviet military base in Kyrgyzstan, they thought they knew what they were in for. They’re professionals, and they’ve been on this hunt for a long time.

But things can go bad in a heartbeat.

Now with the team dead or captured, one man knows where they are, and he’s going to have to convince Brannigan’s Blackhearts to help. He’s not just going to hire them, though. He’s coming with them.

Dan Tackett is coming out of retirement.

And he and the Blackhearts are about to venture into the heart of darkness in Central Asia.

You’ll love this action thriller because it moves as fast as a bullet!


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