Burmese Crossfire -Brannigan's Blackhearts Book 2

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It’s a search and destroy mission…

…In a country torn by civil war and organized crime

But the repercussions could be much more far-reaching…

The Golden Triangle. One of the biggest heroin-producing regions in the world is also home to squabbling ethnic groups, clashing militarist paramilitaries, and Communist rebels. And now it’s the location of Brannigan’s Blackhearts’ next mission.

Because another player has entered the game.

The Khadarkh mission got some attention. And now a shadowy office of the US government wants to hire Brannigan and his team. Because what they’re hearing out of northern Burma has a lot of people worried, and China is far too close to send anyone but deniable mercs.

What’s happening in Burma might change the face of the world.

And only a small strike team can stop it.

Whether they get out alive or not…

You’ll love this action thriller, because once you start turning pages, you won’t be able to stop.


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