Frozen Conflict -Brannigan's Blackhearts Book 4

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It’s a manhunt in a post-Soviet hellhole…

…And it might lead to answers about a string of terror attacks.

But the clock is ticking

Transnistria. A breakaway republic on the eastern border of Moldova, and a bolt-hole for notorious black-market arms dealer Eugen Codreanu. Except that it’s suddenly turned from safe haven to prison for the man who was once rumored to be dealing in ex-Soviet backpack nukes.

And Codreanu might have helped facilitate the worst terror attack in years.

A shadow facilitator has reached out to Brannigan to offer information leading to Codreanu. But Transnistria is already swarming with Russian peacekeepers. And Westerners aren’t exactly welcome there.

To make matters worse, the Blackhearts aren’t the only ones hunting him.

The terrorists are trying to tie up loose ends.

Can they catch Codreanu and get out alive?

You’ll love this action thriller because it moves faster than a bullet from the first page.


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