Fury in the Gulf -Brannigan's Blackhearts Book 1

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Seven men who aren’t ready to hang up their rifles…

…A desperate mission far from home.

Will any of them survive?

Terrorists have seized a tiny island kingdom in the Persian Gulf, and taken Americans hostage. But the Saudis are leaning on the Americans to prevent an overt response. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for the hostages.

Enter the mercenaries.

John Brannigan retired from the Marine Corps, and isn’t all that happy about it. Now, with American lives in the balance, he’ll come back to the action, recruiting a small crew of men ready to stare death in the face.

They’re alone, outnumbered, and outgunned.

There’s no backup coming.

Have they signed up for a mission, or a suicide run?

You’ll love this action thriller because the intrigue is tense and once the fight starts, it never lets up.

"Peter writes brutal, believable action at a breakneck pace that will keep you turning pages." - Larry Correia, NYT Bestselling Author.

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