Gray War - A Pallas Group Solutions Thriller - HARDCOVER

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It was supposed to be a break from war zones...

But now It's a new war, against enemies foreign...

And domestic...

Chris Grant had taken the close protection gig for a finance guy in the States asa. break from the last two decades in war zones around the world.  When a coordinated attempt is made on the client's life, however, he finds that his job isn't as simple as it seemed.

Things only get more complicated from there.

The Pallas Group Solutions contractors haven't been selected because they'll sit on their hands.  As they being to gather more intelligence, and as the bodies stack up, they discover that there's more to both the client and their own company than met the eye.

They've plunged into a world of drugs, corruption, foreign influence, and terrorism.

And a secret war that they have no choice but to fight.

You'll love this action thriller because once it takes off, there's no going back!