High Desert Vengeance - Brannigan's Blackhearts Book 5

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They’ve always fought for pay…

…Until now. This time, they’ll kill for free.

But at what cost?

Mario Gomez hasn’t ever been particularly open about his family, even among the Blackhearts. Most of his teammates know next to nothing about him. But now he has no choice. He’s going to have to bring the personal and the professional together.

Because now he’s after revenge.

His family’s troubles with the Espino-Gallo Cartel aren’t new. His father’s New Mexico ranch lies right on the fledgling cartel’s infiltration route. It hadn’t gone much farther than threats and trespassing before. But now Old Man Gomez has been murdered, and Mario’s sister Sonya kidnapped.

There’s no paycheck to be had.

But you don’t mess with a Blackheart’s family.

The question is, though… how far will they really be willing to go?

You’ll love this action thriller because it’ll keep your pulse pounding until the last page.

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