Kill or Capture -Brannigan's Blackhearts Book 7

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The mask is off…

…The shadowy enemy has been revealed

But they won’t go down easily

The Humanity Front is the biggest, richest, most fashionable humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization in the world. Politicians, world leaders, celebrities, and business kingpins all want to be seen helping its cause.

It is also a ruthless terrorist organization, hell-bent on violent global change.

Brannigan’s Blackhearts know their enemy now, after shutting down a Front biological weapons test in Chad. And they’re on the hunt. A shadowy, underworld kingpin has offered Brannigan target packages on several of their targets.

But one of them has been tipped off and has fled to South America.

The Blackhearts are heading to the Altiplano, righteous vengeance on their minds.

But is their enemy running scared, or laying a trap?

You’ll love this action thriller because the action is as brutal as the stakes are high.

"Peter writes brutal, believable action at a breakneck pace that will keep you turning pages." - Larry Correia, NYT Bestselling Author.

Ships October 7, 2019