Power Vacuum - Maelstrom Rising Book 8

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The European Defense Council Has Fallen…

…But Peace Has Not Come to Europe

Will the Chaos Only Spread from Here?

The thunder run into Germany has left Matt’s team battered and borderline combat ineffective. The Triarii don’t have the reinforcements for them to stand down, however. Commitments in the US and the Western Pacific have stretched them thin.

And with Europe in chaos, there is no rest to be had.

Jihadis have struck repeatedly, sowing bloodshed and confusion where possible, and it appears the Turks are involved. The Russians are pushing in the east, and they may have operatives in the heart of Western Europe as well.

The European Defense Corps hasn’t stood down, either.

And a new NGO that’s arrived to help might be the most dangerous enemy of all…

You’ll love this military thriller because the action’s as brutal as the intrigue is thick!

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