Enemy Unidentified - Brannigan's Blackhearts Book 3

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Terror strikes out of nowhere…

…And the Blackhearts might be the only ones who can act.

But who are they fighting?

In a single, blood-soaked afternoon, coordinated attacks kill hundreds across the Southwest. The attackers are trained, well-equipped, and coordinated. They issue no demands. No one takes credit.

But they have hostages.

With a standoff turning bad on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, players behind the scenes turn to John Brannigan and his deniable band of mercenaries to clear the terrorists off the platform. No one will know who did it, just like no one knows who the terrorists are.

It’s the amphibious raid from hell.

And the politics around it might be as lethal as the bullets.

Have the Blackhearts met their match?

You’ll love this action thriller because it will get your heart pumping and keep you guessing.

"Peter writes believable action at a breakneck pace that will keep you turning pages." - Larry Correia


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