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The Alliance Rises - The Unity Wars Book 3

Peter Nealen

The Alliance Rises - The Unity Wars Book 3

$ 12.95

How Do You Fight An Empire?

What if that empire can mass-produce its soldiers?

Centurion Scalas has faced odds that seemed impossible before. But this war against the Galactic Unity is like none other.

An armada of clone soldiers

It will take the skilled ferocity of the Brotherhood along with the cunning and tactical acumen of a Royal refugee to stop the creeping tentacles of the Unity's conquest.

Chaos erupting across the galaxy

Trust must be earned for the disparate worlds of the galaxy to rally together. Because the only way to oppose the unstoppable hordes is to unite.

With brush fires reigniting and suspicion abounding, it is all or nothing as the Brotherhood and its allies plunge into battle across the stars.

Get ​The Alliance Rises​, the next action-packed installment of ​The Unity Wars​ today!

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