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The Defense of Provenia - The Unity Wars Book 2

Peter Nealen

The Defense of Provenia - The Unity Wars Book 2

$ 12.95

He Enlisted Because it was Expected

Now he'll discover just how horrific war can get

A volunteer militiaman faces his first taste of combat.

He thinks it's the most awful thing he's ever seen. It's about to get a hell of a lot worse.

A fleet of enigmatic ravagers of worlds are about to descend on his home.

Gaumarus must find his courage and fight against the monsters who have terrorized the galaxy for centuries. The only alternative is death - or worse.

And, in the end, he will have to make a choice. A choice that will cost him everything to find and save the one who needs him most. A choice that will tear him away from his homeworld and catapult him into the midst of events that will shake the galaxy.

Follow the fight across the galaxy in Book 2 of The Unity Wars. This run-and-gun, action-horror page turner sets up the next elements in an interstellar conflict, pointing toward the revelation of the true scope of the growing conflagration.

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