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The Fall of Valdek - The Unity Wars Book 1

Peter Nealen

The Fall of Valdek - The Unity Wars Book 1

$ 12.95

The Galaxy is about to ignite...

Because an emerging power strikes the match from the shadows.

Centurion Scalas and the men of the Brotherhood risk responding to a distress call at the fringe of the galaxy. Upon arrival, the shocking display of violence and savagery is enough to shake even the most feared military brotherhood in the galactic arm.

With dissension threatening the ranks, Scalas must muster the men in his order to stick to their code of honor and stand together to fight. Because this battle with a clone army is only the beginning of an expanding war threatening the entire galaxy.

Will the bonds of their loyalties and convictions stand against this burgeoning enemy? What will Scalas and his new allies sacrifice to save the sole surviving member of the royal family?

This ain’t your Disney Clone Wars. Full of gritty combat and the unavoidable conflicts between bureaucracy, necessity, and human nature, Nealen draws upon his own experience in combat and a lifelong love of classic SF to deliver a grand scale space adventure.

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