The Walker on the Hills - A Jed Horn Book

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Evil Is Stirring

It's been a year and a half since Silverton (A Silver Cross and a Winchester). Eryn and Jed got married about a year ago, and are now one of the few husband and wife Witch Hunter teams in the Order. They're going about business as usual, stopping arcane rituals that would open the world to the demons of the Abyss, hunting down monsters from the Otherworld like hags, shapeshifters, goatheads, and the like. Business as usual.

At least, it's business as usual until they get a note from a fellow Witch Hunter, and Jed's old Platoon Sergeant, Blake Turner. It's short, cryptic, and to the point. Blake's in trouble, in a small town called Coldwell, and he needs Jed's help. There's no question. They've got to go.

But what they find in Coldwell is only the beginning of a hunt for ancient, eldritch forces that will soon blur the lines as to who is hunting, and who is hunted.

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