Thunder Run - Maelstrom Rising Book 6

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Europe teeters on the brink…

…As all sides consider their next move

But can one more blow really end the war?

The European Defense Council’s doomsday strike has been averted. More American forces have reached Poland. And the Russians are starting to turn up the pressure in the Baltic.

Now, as the EDC’s irregular campaigns ramp up, a decision has to be made.

Matt’s team will be back on the tip of the spear, regardless of the plan. But as forces start to move, and the leadership starts to outline their plan, the less he likes it. It sounds like wishful thinking to him.

But he’s a Triarii team leader. He’ll always answer the call.

Still, the questions remain.

Does victory lie at the end?

Or a situation made much, much worse?

You’ll love this military thriller, because the intrigue is as thick as the action is intense.

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