War to the Knife -Brannigan's Blackhearts Book 9

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A border city is in the grip of a ruthless criminal…

…And he might be working for even more sinister backers.

But will killing him be enough?

Ramon Clemente was a general in the Colombian Army. Now he has seized the city of San Tabal, deep in the jungle on the border between Venezuela and Colombia. He hasn’t sworn allegiance to Venezuela, but he is turning the city into a drug-financed Communist hellhole.

And his connections with narco-terrorists has put a bullseye on his back.

Since he’s got the Colombian authorities thoroughly penetrated, no one has managed to get close to him. So Brannigan’s Blackhearts are going in dark, undeclared to the Colombians, to kill or capture Clemente.

But the Americans and the Colombians aren’t the only ones who want Clemente dead.

He’s made enemies much closer in his grab for power.

And Brannigan and his boys will discover just what is at stake if they kill Clemente and leave.

You’ll love this action thriller because it heats up faster than the jungle itself.


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